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Clearance and Cleanup will Help You Spring in to Action this Easter

spring-clean-house-clearance-sheffield-chesterfield-worksopSpring has sprung and it is the perfect time of year for everyone to be spring cleaning their house.  For many people this is the time of year when they decide to tidy up, sort things out, out their house on the market and move on to pastures new.  But this is when people often discover all sort of items which they had completely forgotten all about, lurking in their attic or basement.  Do you know what’s hiding in yours?

Hiding House Clearance Treasures

Interestingly, during house clearances, it has been found that an estimated 40% of us own antiques or vintage items and 16% have unknowingly given these, often high value items away, either to friends, relatives or charity shops.  Strangely, even when a lot of us know that we have these items, it is interesting to know that we don’t tend to bother listing them on our home insurance, as a nation, either.  When asked during this survey, members of the public were unable to estimate the worth of the contents of the house due to the fact that they do not do a regular content checks, cover or valuations.  This can often be because we do not realise that some things are of particular value.  When we say antiques, yes we are referring to large items such as a Victorian sideboard, but there are much smaller, younger items which will surprise you with their value and these are examples of items which are often not taken in to consideration for valuation.  A good example of this is a Meccano, clockwork race car from somewhere around 1915 – this may have been small in size, but when sold, gained almost £500.

Perhaps, therefore it is time this Spring, to see what is hiding out in your attic or cellar.  It could be something you have been missing, a way a making yourself a little extra cash or decluttering your home before a house moveClearance and Cleanup can assist you with decluttering your home, moving house or furniture removal.

Contact Clearance and Cleanup

If you are looking for assistance and are looking for a trustworthy, reputable and honest house clearance team, then why not give Clearance and Clean Up a call.  We work in the Yorkshire area, covering specific areas, such as SheffieldChesterfieldWorksop to name but a few.  We guarantee to make your house clearance run as smoothly as it possibly can, whilst being economical, too.  So if you either want to declutter or if you are moving house and need assistance, then contact Tom and his professional, friendly team on 0800 410 1086, email us atinfo@clearanceandcleanup.co.uk or you can click here and follow the link to be taken directly to our website to read more about the services we offer.


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