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House Clearance Team Make a Surrey-al Find

A couple of months ago, in a small terraced house in Surrey, a house clearance company were sent in to clear the house due to the death of its owner.  On clearing this house, one member of the team found a golden locket which immediately grabbed their attention, in amongst all of the clutter.  The locket was opened and to their surprise there was a lock of hair and a hand-written note lurking inside, which stated:

‘Obtained by Admiral George Brine when in command of H.M.S Mosquito guarding Napoleon at St Helena; given by him to my mother; at her death in 1867 given by us to my brother Captain George Brine RNbonaparte-house-clearance-sheffield after whose death in 1889 it passed to his widow and at her death it came to me.’

The greying lock of hair and hand-written note were recently taken to auction from the small terraced house before it was demolished, only to discover that the hair is indeed that of Napoleon Bonaparte.  He seemed to have had his hair cut and placed inside this locket during his exile on the island of St Helena in the South Atlantic, following the Battle of Waterloo.  This exciting and unusual 200 year old find, later sold for £9,000.

It is still unknown as to how this interesting piece came to be in Surrey, and with the last owner having recently deceased, that mystery will probably never be solved.  But the authenticity of the piece has not be questioned as it has cast iron provenance.  What a fantastic find for this beady-eyed house clearance member of staff from a house clearance company, especially in the bi-centenary year.

House Clearance and Clean Up Sheffield

Do you need a house clearance company to relieve all of the hard work and stress out of clearing a property and cleaning it up for you?  Can’t do the heaving lifting?  Don’t know where to start?  Why not get in touch with Clearance and Clean Up?  We serve hundreds of individual people, companies and organisations in and around Yorkshire, including Clearance and Clean Up Wakefield and Clearance and Clean Up Rotherham, though Clearance and Clean Up Sheffield is our base.  We hold the highest required insurance licences and training that are available.  Our ethos is to be as environmentally friendly as we possibly can be, so we recycle and reuse many collected items, use eco-friendly cleaning products wherever possible, avoid using land-fill sites and have built great relationships with the local charity shops due to the volume of our donations.

Contact Us at Clearance and Clean Up

Here at Clearance and Clean Up, we offer competitive rates, are 100% reliable and work 7 days a week, to be there for you whenever you need us.  So, if you need a house clearance company then you can contact us on 0800 410 1086 or 0114 403 1021 or alternatively you can email us at

Ricky James
Ricky James
08:20 10 Apr 18
I needed my garage cleaning and found these guys on the internet. It was a great service from beginning to end. Tom who answered the phone was very polite and accommodating to my needs. I work shifts so I explained to Tom that it needed the rubbish collecting after 11 and before 1 due to my shift and sleep patterns! We arranged a time off 11.30, the lads who did the job turned up on time as agreed and were polite. They were real hard workers and cleared the garage in no time at all. All in it was a really professional and efficient service. I would definitely use them again and recommend to friends.
Sara Gilliland
Sara Gilliland
22:48 26 Feb 18
Highly recommended. Having been let down by Veolia, who wouldn’t pick up the rubbish, supposedly because of access to my property, I was delighted that it was no problem for this company. Tom very trustworthy and straightforward on the phone. They did exactly what they said they would do and for a very fair price too.
Rachel Saunders
Rachel Saunders
20:33 06 Feb 18
These guys were brilliant. They were very fast and efficient at replying to my initial query, quoting and carrying out the job (garage clear out ready for house move). I can’t really say if their prices are comparable to others as I’ve not used a company for this before but I thought they were reasonable.
John Richardson
John Richardson
09:38 10 Apr 18
Great service. Came next day, prompt and thorough. Cost was lower than other services. Would recommend.
Sam Manning
Sam Manning
15:36 20 Feb 18
Had these guys clear an outbuilding and despite them charging per hour, they were like machines and got the job done in no time! Cheaper than we have had previously - by a marginal amount granted, but their service was far superior, so all in all very competitive! Turned up exactly when arranged, extremely pleased with them and would DEFINITELY use again!!
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