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Fly Tipping – An Increasing Problem

Following on from previous posts we’ve written about the hazards of fly tipping and illegal waste disposal, we thought it appropriate to draw your attention to a couple of articles we’ve seen recently. There have been many reports of the contributing factors which lead to increasing numbers and startling figures involving tipping both close to home and further afield.


The Star reported back in February about a man in Pitsmoor, Sheffield that discovered a large amount of rubbish tipped on the side of the road. He claimed that the rubbish was attracting rats and was becoming an environmental health hazard. We’ve spoken about Sheffield being hit particularly badly by fly tippers and this, sadly, is just one example of the way that it is affecting residents.

It has been said that the cuts to the city’s waste removal services has caused the surge in illegal tipping numbers. Weekly household bin collections have dropped from a weekly occurrence to fortnightly, and this 50% reduction in collections, it’s been claimed, has resulted in a 180% increase in fly tipping incidents. Last year there were 576 cases compared with 204 in the previous year. It is expected that this number will rise in the coming year too.

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This problem is not just isolated to Sheffield of course, as towns and cities up and down the country are facing waste removal budget cuts, meaning that illegal acts inevitably follow. Businesses are a large source of waste crime, as they produce a lot of waste and are finding themselves unable to cope with limited disposal services. In this article we hear about the hefty disposal fees and landfill taxes that businesses must contend with. This is strained even further by government cuts, resulting in some tradesmen and companies throwing their rubbish into public spaces. Sometimes it is dumped in people’s household bins but more often than not industrial estates, country roads, fields and woodland are the main targets. This is possibly due to the secluded locations.

Again, we’d like to stress the importance of using reputable clearance companies, but also to be vigilant and report either anybody seen dumping waste in public spaces, or conducting illegal operations. If you’d like more information on the damage fly tipping causes to the environment, have a look at our earlier post, here.



Ricky James
Ricky James
08:20 10 Apr 18
I needed my garage cleaning and found these guys on the internet. It was a great service from beginning to end. Tom who answered the phone was very polite and accommodating to my needs. I work shifts so I explained to Tom that it needed the rubbish collecting after 11 and before 1 due to my shift and sleep patterns! We arranged a time off 11.30, the lads who did the job turned up on time as agreed and were polite. They were real hard workers and cleared the garage in no time at all. All in it was a really professional and efficient service. I would definitely use them again and recommend to friends.
Sara Gilliland
Sara Gilliland
22:48 26 Feb 18
Highly recommended. Having been let down by Veolia, who wouldn’t pick up the rubbish, supposedly because of access to my property, I was delighted that it was no problem for this company. Tom very trustworthy and straightforward on the phone. They did exactly what they said they would do and for a very fair price too.
Rachel Saunders
Rachel Saunders
20:33 06 Feb 18
These guys were brilliant. They were very fast and efficient at replying to my initial query, quoting and carrying out the job (garage clear out ready for house move). I can’t really say if their prices are comparable to others as I’ve not used a company for this before but I thought they were reasonable.
John Richardson
John Richardson
09:38 10 Apr 18
Great service. Came next day, prompt and thorough. Cost was lower than other services. Would recommend.
Sam Manning
Sam Manning
15:36 20 Feb 18
Had these guys clear an outbuilding and despite them charging per hour, they were like machines and got the job done in no time! Cheaper than we have had previously - by a marginal amount granted, but their service was far superior, so all in all very competitive! Turned up exactly when arranged, extremely pleased with them and would DEFINITELY use again!!
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