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Needle and Sharps Removal

Needle And Sharps Removal Service
Needle And Sharps

Discarded used needles are a serious threat to the public and environmental contamination. Sharps awareness is a critical when removing and handling needles and other sharps our teams remove these hazards from parks, schools and public buildings etc. We have all the required equipment and always dispose of needle and sharps in the correct manor at licensed stations

It is vital all sharps and needles removal and disposal work is managed safely through a structured process ensuring both effective removal and disposal. This work is an audible process with full supportive documentation provided for our client. Our operatives are fully trained and equipped to deal with the dangers that come from needle and sharps removal and disposal

We aim to achieve a great service at a great price some companies think because needles and sharps removal and disposal can course harm or worse that gives then a license to charge the earth here at clearance and clean up we aim to give you the best service at a affordable price.

Clearance and Clear Up can:

Carry out needle sweeps of known and suspect properties or places
Remove needles and sharps,  waste safely
Disinfect and fumigate affected areas
Safely dispose of needles, sharps, syringes and medical waste
Always Issue the customer with the correct documentation

Clearance and clean up needle and sharps removal and disposal starts from £85.00

We regularly work in Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Leeds, Castleford and York.

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