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House Clearance History

world-war-one-house-clearance-sheffieldHe was an electrical installations manager working for Sheffield City Council until he went to fight.  But on 26th September 1915, Sgt Francis Stubbs was killed in action in France, having been serving with the Royal Engineers.  He was 35 years old at the time and sadly, had a daughter on the way, which he never had the fortune of meeting, but she was given a suitcase full of his possessions which she kept for the entirety of her life.  When she died however, her house was subjected to a house clearance, where the suitcase filled with WWI items came in to the possession of David Empson, a historian and collector.  This suitcase was very much seen as a ‘one off’ due to the fact that the collection of contents inside it told an entire story of one life.  Stories gripping, when it was learnt that a comrade of Sgt Stubbs removed all of the items out of his pockets when he lay dying, having been caught in an explosion.  Thanks to the house clearance the smashed pocket watch, blood stained identity tag and pipe all live on to tell their incredible story, despite not being in the hands of Sgt Stubbs’ relatives any longer.

House Clearance Services

It’s incredible what can be found in a house clearance, sometimes just things you have forgotten about lurking in your own home.  Whether you are moving house or just need a good clear out, we can help you, here at Clearance and Cleanup.  We will help you to discover things you never knew you had and things you wish you had never hidden away and forgotten about.  Discover the past, the history of your family, other families and your country, through the means of house clearance today – you never know what you might find!

Contact Clearance and Cleanup

If you are looking for assistance and are looking for a trustworthy, reputable and honest house clearance team, then why not give Clearance and Clean Up a call.  We work in the Yorkshire area, covering specific areas, such as SheffieldChesterfieldWorksop to name but a few.  We guarantee to make your house clearance run as smoothly as it possibly can, whilst being economical, too.  So if you either want to declutter or if you are moving house and need assistance, then contact Tom and his professional, friendly team on 0800 410 1086, email us at info@clearanceandcleanup.co.uk or you can click here and follow the link to be taken directly to our website to read more about the services we offer.


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