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5 Reasons to Choose Rubbish Removal Services in Sheffield over Hiring a Skip

Have you ever noticed how many skips there are dotted around the pavements and driveways of the area you live in? And have you ever noticed just how long they stay there for? It’s usually a matter of days but it can easily become a week or two. There’s no other way of saying it – skips are just unsightly. They are often full of broken furniture, rubble and concrete, or even just unwanted possessions. Let’s face it, no one wants a skip full of rubbish parked outside their house, and the neighbours don’t really want to see it either!

So, here are Clearance and Clean Up’s top five reasons why you should hire a Sheffield rubbish removal service instead of a skip.

1. Rubbish Removal Sheffield Do All the Lifting and Carrying for You!

A skip hire company will simply provide the skip and then leave you to fill it as required. The great thing about Clearance and Clean Up is that we don’t just take the rubbish away; we load it up on to our truck for you.

2. We Only Pay for What We Take Away

As rubbish removal experts in Sheffield, we only expect you to pay for what we take away, whether it is a few items or a truck load. Skip firms charge per skip, so even if you only fill your skip half way, you are still expected to pay the same amount.

3. No Permit Needed with Rubbish Removal Sheffield

A permit is required for hiring a skip, and in some cases, a parking permit too. You don’t need to worry about a permit of any kind with us; we simply turn up, load our truck and take the waste away!

4. Cheaper than Skip Hire

Our rates for rubbish removal Sheffield are often cheaper than that of the price of a skip, and as explained above, we only take charge for what we take away.

5. Environmentally Friendly Rubbish Removal Service

Our services have a low impact on the environment because a huge 65% of the rubbish we clear is recycled or re-used. The rubbish we do dispose of is only taken to licensed facilities.

Rubbish Removal Sheffield

If you are looking for house clearance or rubbish removal Sheffield, Clearance and Clean Up can help. We provide a reliable and efficient service, making us the perfect choice for a mobile skip hire alternative. Contact us on 0800 410 1086 or 0114 403 1021, or email us on info@clearanceandcleanup.co.uk.

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